New Member Guide & PR Materials

We have a new member guide! I also made some generic PR materials for coffee shops and other bulletin boards.


Thank you so much for putting all of these together! It will help a lot during our weekly tours and new member orientations!


Those look great.


  • Spell out “JSM”
  • Add “Classroom” to “Interactive”
  • Add “Amateur Radio Shack” to “102 Electrical”
  • Remove “Hatchers”
  • Maybe spell out “3D Fabrication” and add “(3D Printers)”

These are so awesome. It’s going to be so useful to new members. I wish I’d had one when I joined.

Thank you for doing this.

Could we do a building layout with equipment shown roughly where they are in each room. I could help put it together, im picturing a dashed rectangle with a description for each machine or grouping.

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Yes!! I’ll try to remember to send you the map image. My day today is going to be pretty crazy so please feel free to follow up if I forget. :slight_smile:

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