New member at Dallas maker space

Ok I was just wondering

Ok thanks for the help

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By the way do I have to sign up for the committee on its website or do I just show up for it?

I guess the question was answered then.

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Because DMS is volunteer-run, self-service is the primary way to get things done as a member. So long as you follow the rules for an area, you can for the most part just show up and use the area/equipment. If you want to get involved you’ll need to reach out to a committee, attend a meeting, contact someone on the Discord.

Ok thanks if I run into any issues I can ask for help right?


Even though I just joined will there be someone in that field that I’m interested in who can teach me and educate me on what I want to learn?

One of the very beast way to get involved, active, up-to-speed is to attend committee meetings for areas you are interested in. These meetings are posted on our event calendar:

And meeting minutes are (supposed to be) posted here (until they aren’t):


Also, all new members should have been pointed to this at some point early on:

And there are new member orientation things on the event calendar as well. I strongly suggest you take advantage of them…good place to ask all sorts of questions.

Oh ok thanks for the heads up I’ve been told this but not everything

Yep…I get it. It can be a little overwhelming for those folks that are champing at the bit, so to speak. But to echo comments from above, please be sure to adjust your understanding, if not already level-set, that this is an all volunteer organization based on ; folks will help you here, in fact a lot, but on their time and schedule and willingness. Usually this happens more on an impromptu basis, unless it is a training or skills class offered.

It’s important to realize…we are all equal/equally members…there are no customers here, and any expectations along those lines should be adjusted. Our member dues gets us in the door and then access to tools and work space…not too much else. Virtually everyone you see “doing” something here has bootstrapped themselves one way or the other.

Read-up; attend some committee meetings and meet people; see where you can volunteer some of your time and energy and experience; take some training on tools you are interested; then start practicing/making.

Welcome and best of luck :–)


@Terrion_Beachem, do you know what you are interested in learning?

We (Machine Shop) have our committee meeting this Saturday if you are interested in Machining. It helps if you meet the people of the space in person. We also all began just like you.


Asking a question is considered “Being Excellent” rather than making a mistake. Ask on the Talk forum, or use @ committee name (no space between @ and name) you’ll see a pop-up. Or ask anyone in that area.

Using the committee name sends it to the committee members. Try to attend committee meetings - you’ll meet other makers with similar interests and can ask and answer questions (don’t forget you can be a resource). This is probably the fastest and easiest way to get involved and learn about DMS.

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You can just show up for any committee meeting. Actual members of the committee are deemed to be those that show up for meetings more than the list on the wiki, and somewhat more than those that use the committee area.

Maybe yes – maybe no. Talk is usually a good place for questions, even though you’re bound to get a boatload of answers that may only be semi-relevant. I remember one recent thread where the original poster specifically said that they only wanted actual answers, and they still got folks posting with suggestions that only barely touched on the real answer that was hoped for.

Ahem. Terrion may not have reached the “trust level” required to send private messages. I mean – so far he hasn’t asked for his green dot so that he’s got access to the (very few) DMS locked categories.

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Thank you for being person #16 in the history of the Internet that spelled that correctly.


your welcome.


Get a green dot. It’ll open up many more topics for you to read and participate-in on this Talk service:

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Funny! I see what you did there.


Welcome Terrion!

I would suggest checking for classes posted on the DMS calendar: I started there when I first became a member. I took all the classes that were available and finally narrowed it down to 3-4 areas I predominantly focus on.

Classes fill up quickly so check back often. Honestly, I check almost every day. I don’t know of another way to get notified that a new class is posted. Maybe someone else has a tip. If a class says FULL, check it anyway. It may have been full, but when someone cancels their spot, the system does not remove the FULL label.

Another suggestion would be to take one of the New Member orientation classes. That will help with information about how the space works, and you can ask the questions you have.