New "Learn to Solder" classes posted for next Friday


I’ve posted two more “Learn to Solder” classes for next Friday, 28 December 2018 at 3:00pm and 4:30pm in the Classroom with One Purple Wall:

Friday 3:00pm
Friday 4:30pm

Last Monday’s class was a lot of fun. I didn’t (then) know how to properly limit the number of registrations, and we ended up with eight (8) participants - but only had 6 soldering irons! Thanks to everyone that was willing to share, as well as to Brady Pamplin for bringing that 6th soldering iron.

There were actually eleven (!) sign-ups but three had to cancel at the last minute. Since it takes quite a while to set up the classroom properly, I had hoped to split the class into two sessions, one at 3:00pm and then another, identical class at 4:30pm. This will help keep the number of students at a more manageable level and allow me to provide more individual help when needed.

I’m also working with Brady and Art Givens to get a couple of surface mount device (SMT/SMD) soldering classes up and running. Ping me if you are interested.



Definitely interested in SMD classes. I guess my SMT skills need improving too haha but I don’t know the first thing about SMD.



SMT = SMD. Two acronyms that eventually mean the same thing:

SMD = Surface Mount Device
SMT = Surface Mount Technology

I’ll keep you in the loop for the new SM[T|D] classes :smiley: