New here looking for a tour of the facility

I’m new here and I’m from out of town, I’ll be in Dallas area till Wednesday. Would anyone be willing to take me on a 1 on 1 tour tonight or tomorrow?
I’m interested in joining/working on a couple of things but would like to see the place first.
Interested in the 3d printing, Cnc metal cutting, electronics and chemistry areas specifically, but it would be cool to see the whole place too

Thanks in advance

Looks like we missed this one. No idea why.

Anyway – While I’m here right now, I’m going to a meeting at 7pm, so I won’t be available until 8-ish. I’m here until midnight, though.

Tuesday. After 3pm, although again I’m doing a Thing at 7pm, should be available after 8.


Oops – meeting is tomorrow. So I’m available tonight until midnight.

I can do after 8-8:30 tonight. Thanks bunches!

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Come down to the north entrance, with the sign, and ring the bell. If you’re using GPS, use Suite 102.

Ok will do
Thanks again!
See you soon

Omw should be there in 15-20 given Google doesn’t get me lost again hehe