New Fractal Artist Introduction 2

Hello Everyone!

My Name is Sidicus Maximus and I am new to the DMS

I do Fractal Art and I am tying to find new and cool ways of putting crazy geometry on stuff.

At the moment I am attempting to transfer laser toner prints to tile. This post is just a introduction and attempt to increase my trust level. I will post links when I can.

If you have any questions about fractals I will try my best to answer!

Also, I need to get a hold of Caryf300 about sub printing.


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Welcome to DMS!
Talked to you last nite.
What sftwr do you use to generate your fractals?

The main program I use right now is called Mandelbulb3d and it can be downloaded for free from

When I get back into town, I’ll look at getting another round of Dye Sub 101 classes on the calendar.


Nice! @CaryF300

Welcome! We have a 10x10 art show coming up. Please feel free to show your work :framed_picture: