New Dallas Area Robotic Combat (D.A.R.C) Special Interest Group

Last Sunday we had our first Dallas Area Robotic Combat meetup with an outstanding 20+ people that showed up. It was a great showing. We discussed the organization of the group, coming up with an arena to build, and a set of rules.

There were a lot of old faces I haven’t seen in 10 years since the original group SWARC disbanded. It was great to see some new faces as well.

The next meeting will be March 6th from 12-2pm.

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I am so excited!


It was indeed a fruitful meeting comrade. I, Premier Morris, was very pleased with the progress made for the greater good.

I’m certainly interested in combat robots however my experience in RC and small electronics is very limited. I know the basics of electrical wiring and electrical motors but I have never used an arduino or other similar circuitry. So I need an honest answer. Is this a group that I should look at being in or will I likely just take up space and get in the way.

We use mostly RC aircraft electronics, it’s pretty much plug and play.
Everyone is welcome, I’ll be hosting some robot-building classes in a month or two for those who have no experience.
The mechanical design and fabrication are usually what take up the most time IMO.

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I encourage everyone now to check out Solidworks now that we have licenses. It’s a very big professional CAD package. I’ll maybe teach a 3D class centering around robot design as well.


I want to add that we are more of a R/C hobby group more than autonomous robots. The DPRG has a completely different goal and is intertwined with the Dallas Makerspace.

Yes, these do not play well with others.

The next meeting will be march 6th FYI, it’s on the calendar as well.

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Robot combat has been around for decades - and considering the last event held in Texas was almost 10 years ago, this is definitely going to be a treat. Also, I’d say the picture turned out very well.

From back row of bots to front(left/right): Ruthless(Ant), Blender(MW) tooth, Blender Mini(BotsIQ) shells, MultiGP drone racer, Speed Wedge 3(Beetle), MIG-L(Ant), Super Veloce(Beetle), Top Gun(Ant), hobby drone, Robotussin(Fairy), Sacrifice(Lego dummy), Project Darkness(Beetle), Jitterbug 2.0(Ant) carcass

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Ruthless can be rebuilt, now with 3D printing it should be lighter, easier to fix, and more powerful.

How many licenses do we have? Are the licenses floating?

We have 2 professional licenses. We have 300 or so educational licenses. You can open a ticket at to get the educational version.