**New Bat Usage Regulations: Effective Immediately** - UPDATE


As voted on unanimously in last night’s Committee Meeting, we will now be implementing a new policy for bat usage on the in-progress ware shelves.

Bats must be labeled with name and date when the piece was thrown (blue tape and sharpie). Pieces on bats that are unlabeled will be disposed of. Pieces will only be allowed to remain on bats for a maximum of two weeks before being moved onto ware boards where they can remain for the remaining two weeks (30 day total). Labels must be transfered from bats to ware boards. Pieces on labeled ware boards will be disposed of 30 days after the labeled thrown date.

All current pieces on unlabeled bats will be taken off bats in two weeks, on February 21, 2019.


If it’s helpful, I’ll be glad to post this set of rules on your committee wiki page. If you want me to do that, please tell me where in the list you’d like the subheading Rules.


I’ll create a Rules subheading, then put the Throwing Bats usage rule underneath that - then your committee can add any other rules that you have.

If you’d like me to … if it’s not helpful/timely, or whatever, it doesn’t hurt my feelings to not do it.


Chris, this is a great idea. We are trying to get more organized in Ceramics, setting up an orientation class so that we all know how to use our space and what is expected from us as makers. Starting to post the rules on the committee page is a great start to having that information accessible to all. Thank you for your willingness to help, we all really appreciate it.


This is done (currently #7 in the order). If you want to add more, or if you’d prefer it to be in a different place in the order, just let me know. I’ll do what I can to help.


I’d like to point out that the May events listed in Upcoming Events may possibly be outdated.


As Brenda said, this would be lovely. I don’t think any of us currently active in the actual Committee (vs the department) are skilled at putting stuff on the Wiki. The one time I tried to make some changes, they reverted, so I gave up.


We have new ware boards in Ceramics. We will try these out (they are made out of acrylic) and see how they work out. There are three sizes, small, medium, and large. Once we have been using them for a while, we can evaluate. Please feel free to tell me about your experiences with these new bats when you see me or through a message. They still have some acrylic residue from the CNC, so make sure you brush them off before the first use.


******** User beware the new boards do not breath ***************


Did the committee vote on the weeks and it gets tossed rule? I do realize you are trying to open up space. I been involved with 5 studios and the norm is 30 days, 15 seems a little extreme.


At the last Ceramics meeting it was voted on, yes. However, it’s 15 days for the bat, you still have an extra 15 days once you’ve put it on a ware board. It was a bit of a discussion because 15 days flat out seemed extreme but 50 bat/50 ware board seemed reasonable as that gives someone a month to essentially trim/prep their piece.

Edit: I was there and voted for this rule - had it only been 15 days overall, I would have voted against.


That works!


@meanbaby Please refer to the original post above.


2 weeks on a bat is generous. Most places make you remove wet pieces the day you turn them. So bats are available.


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How much does ceramics and baseball have in common …
bats, throwing, regulation, firing, gum … :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, that would be ideal.


Both patient sports?


Coaches and It sometimes needs a ref