Neoprene Fabric - where to buy?

Does anyone know of a local source for neoprene fabric, like what scuba suits and beer koozies are made from? I think it is used in cosplay sometimes as well?

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A extremely quick google search shows that you can order it from Grainger. While they don’t stock it, you can order it shipped to a store to pickup or shipped directly to you.

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Hi Cindy,

Locally it’s very hard to find outside of maybe a boat shop (I think there’s one on the south east corner of 35 and Valwood on the feeder road). But you’ll end up paying a hefty convenience fee for it.

As to online, my personal favorite shop is Rockywoods. Here’s a link to all of their neoprene fabrics.

What is your intended use? Neoprene is a tricky material - most of the time it’s joined with a stitch I can’t remember the name of. But the material is normally butted together on the edges and a zig zag/cover stitch is used to join them.

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I want to use it for lining dog collars. Kind of like this one but using neoprene where the vinyl is.

I’m looking for a place that might have smaller amounts available than the yardage I’m seeing online. I want several different colors, like half yard or less of each.


Mood Fabrics has it available in as small as 1/2 yard.

One option that you might not have considered, get white neoprene, and use the dye sublimation equipment at the 'Space to make it any color, or pattern that you want.


Thanks! That’s a great idea, Cary!

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