Needing help/training with machining a part

I need someone to train me on how to machine a very simple aluminum part. I plan to draw it up when I am at the Makerspace this Friday. I would like to buy the material in advance so I have it with me. The material I would like to use is 6061-T6 aluminum assuming that will be acceptable for the machine? I would like to share the file electronically for feedback privately in case any tweaks are needed to measurements or file type before we put it on the machine. I can meet you any time that’s convenient for you at DMS Fri 7/3, Sat 7/4, or Sat 7/11. Please message me if you can help so we can exchange contact info.

Uhhhh Where to begin here. Ummm…

Well, machining is complicated, and it’s not like some skills where you can just pick it up in an afternoon. There’s a lot of math, some art, and a whole lot of experience needed.

Once we’re back up to teaching, I’d recommend you take the Mill and Lathe classes that we teach, and once you’re comfortable making something manually, then taking the HAAS class, and learning how to CAD/CAM, then operate the HAAS CNC.

If you’re just looking for someone to run the part for you, you may want to consider offering money or goods/favors for their time. I know that @hon1nbo, @procterc, and others have done similar help for people in the past, but asking someone to run something for you is really asking a lot.

When you say a “very simple aluminum part” Based on you are talking about sending a file I assume it will be machined on the Haas. Haas training is probably the most extensive machine training there is at DMS, next would be Multicam. So you will probably have to have someone willing to assist you.

As far 6061. Machine Shop can handle any aluminum, brass, copper, bronze for machining. Mild steel or other metals that have an HRC 55<. Some harder or SS if you have the right cutters. Annealed tool steel can be worked on - but if harden or other “hard” materials would depend on materials and cutters.

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Can you post a sample here? How big is the part and the stock? How accurate does it need to be?


I understand that the machine shop is going to take time to learn. And yes I am willing to pay for someone’s time and learn through the process. I appreciate the help in pointing me in the right direction!

I will post dimensions later this evening to give you guys a better picture of what I am needing.

Thanks to everyone who has responded. I have some 3/4” x 3/4” x 1/8” Alum angle stock that needs a 5” smooth perimeter cut out on one side. The other side needs a single hole drilled in the center and a little bit of material taken off the back to sit squarely on the machine it is mounted on. I am headed in this afternoon I hope to see y’all then.