Need to make an RFID tag

My name is Jordan.
Would anyone be here tonight after 9 pm who could help me get in so I can activate an RFID tag? If not, would anyone be able to help me tomorrow around lunch time? I probably will not be able to come in during the tour time on Saturday.

I’ll be around. I’ll PM you my number since I’m not sitting near any of the doors.

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I am also looking to make my ID card around this time as well.

Would you be able to let me in?

Sure. And some characters.

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The door situation is a little special today. We have the actual 104 door open – that’s the 2nd entrance from the north end of the building. And the open door is on the north side of the 2nd entrance. 3rd entrance if you are coming in from the south. The entrance that’s our “normal” entrance is closed because we’re having some sort of resin flooring put down in that lobby.