Need some help with a few Odd Chip


Hey guys, I got my hands on a diagram and its calling for to 16pin dip chips that I’m having a hard time finding.

One is a HT48C06 which I’m guessing is some sort of video chip since it’s in line with something called LCD1 (6 channel) and at the heart of the diagram is a MM74HC4046MD which I’m suspecting is some sort of cmos based chip.

Any one know where I can get my hands on these chips or what they do?


Have you checked at Tanner next door? Mr. Tanner has helped me and @malcolmputer find obscure chips several times. If he doesn’t have them there, he’ll probably know who will.


MM74HC4046MD - The base no. is 74HC4046. It’s a phase-locked-loop with a vco.
Mouser carries.
Tanners may have. Call.

HT48C06 - 8-bit RISC mcu. Has on brd ROM. Hopefully you don’t need to replace this part. If IC is available, it will need to be programmed.


Wait… an 8 bit risc mcu w/Rom and a signal generator and lcd output. That sounds like a rudimentary computer…

might need to see how to add some ram to it but this sounds like a fun hack for some badges around the space.


Checkout the article 10:6 Reversing a Pregnancy Test in PoC || GTFO vol. 2 for the schematic.


Kind of expensive name badges unless you are going to pin a used pregnancy test to your shirt, eww…


74HC4046 = good old MC4046, a 4000 series CMOS chip.


Think part was first done by RCA - the folks who brought us CMOs and the CD4000/CD4500 series of parts -
CD4046. Also MM in the part no. is probably National Semiconductor - now part of TI.