Need light bodywork, willing to pay $

Hey all, I hope it’s OK to post this sort of thing. Asking for help, as I can’t seem to find anyone who will take my case.

I also can’t find the time to do it myself, hence my post. Willing to entertain any arrangement, you do 100% of the work, or you teach/assist me, i.e. 50/50, or anything in between. Work needs to be completed on site at my home or office (covered garage).

I have some dings accumulated over the years, that I need spot filled, plus a door handle area, that was messed up by wannabe thieves. I don’t think it requires any welding work, Will share pics to prospectives.

I don’t need any paint work, as I’m doing a wrap after. My own WAG is that it’s 2-6 hrs of labor.

Can pay with cash, six packs, goodwill, or whatever currency works for you.

HMU thx!

We encourage getting things done, and we consider ourselves car guys; however, if you find a member to help, they may not actually do the work at the space, as commercial work is strictly forbidden in Automotive for a host of reasons…

If you ‘make friends’ at the space, they are permitted to help you but the intention is that you do much of the work and have a learning experience, as Makerspace was designed to be a learning environment.