Need Laser Cut/Engrave for Hire - Small Order w/files

Hello! I’m a non member here (I have toured the place and I loved it!) and I’m looking to hire someone to laser cut & engrave some board game tokens out of acrylic. I can provide the acrylic (12x12 sheets) and the files. This would be a small order, 2 sheets of acrylic, around 60 pieces.
I use to have a machine so I’m familiar with how to prep the files. I have not completed the design yet - I wanted to see if anyone would be interested & get an idea of the cost. Would love to have someone in the area and support makers!

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

@cvrana - Opportunity knocks


I’m interested
Feel free to call me 3181393-8203
Thank Ryan

Also know you can get your certification to use the Thunder lasers any time:

(if you are a member)