Need help with MIG tutoring

I am looking for help with my smaller MIG set up. WELD-PAK 90i MIG

I still need the argon carbon dioxide and MIG wire and practice metal.

Also if anyone has a book they could suggest for MIG TIG and STICK.

Try here: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Articles – HTP America - USA Weld *

You will have to dig to find training info in the major manufactures sites.

PrinciplesSMAW.pdf (572.2 KB)


I have read the manual. I Could purchase some more training supplies. I was looking for personal guidance.

For argon/c02 buy the biggest bottle you can afford. Most welding supply houses run a bottle racket where they price gouge on bottles and don’t exchange any bottles except ones with their stickers. Airgas is particularly bad. I would buy a bottle on Facebook marketplace and then exchange it at ace or Home Depot. You might need to pay for pressure testing but it’s still cheaper than the $650 they will charge you for a new bottle.

As for wire, .035 is standard. .024 is light. Flux core is for a no gas mig setup. Solid core is for a gas setup. That little welder can probably only handle a 5-10 lbs spool. I’ve never used any wire that was terrible. I usually use Lincoln or Hobart wire bought at northern tool. Cheaper wire can be found online. I like cyberweld for equipment online. Amazon also works

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I see that I misunderstood the question and I apologize. Take a look at the DMS Talk for MIG classes. None are posted at this time but if you post a request I am sure that one of the instructors will respond. If they do not, I would be available for a one on one at no cost between 1/19 and 1/21. It would last 2-3 hours.