Need help with air brush

Hello Everyone,

I would like to use air brush for my project and is there anyone who could guide me on how to use it or shall i just review YouTube videos and work on it,

Thank you in advance!!

I believe the air brushes are training required. @mreynolds or @AmeliaG can verify that.

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Yes a class is required. Mostly because airbrushes are frequently left dirty enough to ruin them.

@mreynolds is the current teacher.

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I am! Hi hello!

Let me know when you’ll next be at the space, and we can go over what we have etc.

I’ll try and get a class up for airbrushing soon, but this month is going to be extra crazy.


I am going to space tomorrow after 10 AM. Please let me know if it’s feasible to train me

I won’t be able to be there until evening, I have to work unfortunately. Thursday would be my next time there, but I’ll be busy with the board event.

How does the weekend sound? :smiley:

I’m sorry mark! I can’t make it on weekend! Is there anyone who can help me with air brush today??

I’m not sure who will be there today, but anyone trained on the process can show you what’s what!

Oh okay! Thank you

Hey @mreynolds, do you still plan to be there this weekend? I’m brand new to DMS and would really like to get some training on airbrush usage/cleaning. Maybe sometime Saturday afternoon?

I’ll be there most of the weekend, saturday morning i should be free, but I have a class at noon and after that I’ll be out.

Sunday right now is open all day, so if we can go for Sunday, that would be best

Thanks very much for being flexible – how about 1pm on Sunday?

Sounds good! See you sunday.