Need help on an gift


I have a friends that is retiring and want to personalize this gift for him. It is cast (pot metal) and a cigar cutter. I thought the laser but I don’t know how the metal and ceramark will work. Plus I think the base will interfere with the laser. Any thoughts?




Is the top part removable? 'cuz if it is, you might be able to engrave it with the Shapeoko …


I’ve used Ceramark and lasers on various metals and it gives a decent matte black raster.

I have not tried Cerakote and the lasers, but YouTube (search it with “Cerakote laser”) shows me it gives a much prettier finish. I will personally help you if you decide to go this route.

Finally, if you decide to go laser instead of engraving, the Zing laser has much better resolution than the Thunders.


Good idea John. A test run could be done on its underside.


I meant Ceramark. I use Cerakote on my guns…


That lip is welded so it is stuck. I was thinking maybe dye sublimation? @talkers?


You meant Ceramark and you said it-- I was suggesting Cerakote with laser as a better-looking alternative.

I also like John’s idea of engraving via Shapeoko.


Dye sublimation requires that it have a polymer coating for the ink to bond to. You could try to apply a coating of spray on polyurethane, but I’m not sure how well it would stick to the metal. Then the question is, “Will it fit in the 3d vacuum press?” I can’t tell from the pictures how big it is.


Is the handle or any portion of what I assume is the handle (right hand side) removable? Or can it somehow be secured in a down position?


handle is removable.

My thought is maybe make the “plaque” and then apply it to the cutter with an epoxy adhesive. I think the cutter itself will interfere with equipment.


If you’re going the plaque route you could also electro etch the plaque the mount it.


Or you could use the Metaza - esp. if you want something like a photo on it.


You could also dye sub an aluminum plate in full color, and attach it with something as easy as the double sided tape that is used for making trophies.


is there anyone that could help me with the DYE DUB process? I haven’t been checked out on it. @talkers? hint hint nudge nudge. Maybe @uglyknees?


FYI, @uglyknees hasn’t been through the training for the dye sublimation equipment. I’ll be at the 'Space on Monday, January 7th after about 6:30pm, and can help you with it.


I may take you up on that . I am going there saturday to get some stuff done. If I can’t get it done, i’ll reach out to you. Thanks!!!


@bmihura What i saw was people would cerakote first, and then use the laser to remove it. That is different from ceramark. Cermark uses the laser to bond to it.

A process similar to @Webdevel 's idea is electro etch the piece itself.
Create a mask with vinyl, or paint the surface with nail polish. Then scratch or laser your image.
Use a battery, salt water, a couple of wires, and a qtip.


My thought is…Make a snazzy plaque type base with routered edges and engrave the wood base.


If you can I would love some help. I’ll be there about 7ish



I have used the salt water + electricty method to etch stainless steel a couple times and it worked great. I printed a template then cut it out in masking tape, but a vinyl cutter would work really well.

When using this method by hand, it is difficult to get a consistent and even etching, but I didn’t mind and rather like the rougher look.