Need help making a gigantic digital timer

I am hoping to make a gigantic timer for my classroom in my Women in STEM club at school. My DIY tutorial includes a couple of things I’m not familiar with such as circuit making and raspberry pi. Help please?

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“Gigantic” as in “30 feet tall”?

What tutorial are you using? Do you have a link?

@themitch22 Mitch, can you help him? I recall you made a large one.

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More like 2 feet.

Mitch built a sign of approximately the mentioned size using Neopixel strips. His looked like a huge clock with seven-segment digits.


I built my timer using programmable LED strips (Adafruit Neopixels or WS2812) and a laser cut box with 3D printed shadow box inserts. @Bill programmed the two Arduino we used, but there are programmable LED libraries for the raspberry pi, or a pihat to help isolate the electronics.

Since we made the timer, Adafruit released a really good tutorial video for this:

And of course I have all the design files and code:


There are a couple of Raspberry Pi classes coming up this weekend. I just sorted by Category, and discovered that there’s a Raspberry Pi category.

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This is perfect! Thank you!