Need help getting sons account set up

I finally found something that my son wants to learn at makerspace, dragon eggs. I added him to the account, paid the extra $15 a month, but can’t figure out how to get him a login to register for classes. Thought I did everything, but he can’t log in.

name: Alex McAfee
username Toadpowners (I don’t know why he picks that)
his email [email protected]

Can someone push me in the right direction?

Once you’ve paid, you set up the add-on in MakerManager. I usually get to that by going to our main website ( and clicking the Member Portal button up (way up – no, further up) in the right corner. From that drop-down (and it’s a hamburger if you’re on your phone), I click MakerManager. You sign in to your DMS account. If I remember right, you click the My Badges (on the turquoise bar), and you have the option there to set up your add-ons. Once you’ve set them up, you can add a badge, provided that he’s signed a waiver using the same email that you’ve registered him with.

If you’ve already done all that, then we should probably tag Infrastructure… but I’m not going to do that unless you’ve done the above, and he’s still not set up. And – you have a different email address, yes? Every person should have a unique email address for the system to work right.