Need help for badge in metal shop

I have need of the badge for this. “Metal Shop - Welding and Hot Process Safety”

I have been lucky enough to have a starter mig welder. And i need help to effectively use my mig? Is there anyone that might be able to help me. I can pay for some tutoring.

My end goal is to get into the dynatorch training.

The hot process class is on

I usually come in monday nights but haven’t decided yet if I’m brave enough for the cold this monday, I’ll decode monday afternoon.

I have about an hour of work left to get the woodshop powermatic drillpress back in service then can help you with welding or plasma.


thank you.

I believe that means i can take the dynatorch.

Yes it does

Does it take a day or do i need to talk to someone for calendar to allow me to register?

Can take some time (up to 24 hrs; should definitely happen by then), but usually just log out of the calendar, and back in to re-sync.