Need access to Laser

Hi, jaredrobertsteele is a DMS member but the laser’s rfid tag won’t allow him to use the laser. He completed the Laser 101 class taught by Tommy Thomas @tomthm on Sunday. Can someone give him access, please? He has an urgent project to laser. Thank you in advance!

The RFID tag doesn’t prevent one from using the Lasers. I’ll verify he was marked as attended and that AD in a minute or so.

I have 3 folks marked as having attended and Jared isn’t one of them. I don’t remember whether anyone might have arrived late. Is that possible?

He said: I was the guy who was waiting in the lobby area ahead of time and took the big piece of acrylic. …It wasn’t a “big” piece of acrylic but it was a good sized piece that was largely unused.

I was sitting on his left side in the back in the classroom. I was the lobby area of the new building side early waiting since I thought the class would start early

Yes. Very sorry I missed flagging you. I’ll send a note to Stan Simmons to get you added.


Thank you Tom!

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Thanks Stan!

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Thank you Stan!