Need a Python and Pycharm Coach

Hi Ya’ll. Old guy here doing a small personal project and I’ve started using Python to pick apart log files I’m creating on an Arduino. Wishing I could find some to pay for informal “class” - probably virtual - to help me learn to use Pycharm better. I’m not new to programming, just new to this stuff!

I’d be honored to discuss w/ anyone interested. Best to ping me via email or cell:

Chuck McCoy
[email protected]

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Have you decided on a format for the log files?

There are libraries available to read CSV, XML and JSON. Or you can do your own parsing.

Bill, thanks for the response & pardon the 1 day delay!

I am generating the log file with some code running on an ESP32 and being sent to the serial monitor on my PC. It has lots of “stuff” in it, including 2000 lines of CSV data. It is this 2000 lines I am picking apart using Python via Pycharm.

I’m new to Python & Pycharm and wishing I had somebody to talk to about it. Got a moment for a phone call?

Chuck McCoy 214-394-5832