Need a machinist (or just someone who likes lathing) to make some round slugs

So, I need to have a couple of slugs machined to the dimension of 1.850” long by .985” in diameter.

Ideally, one in brass and one in stainless.

They don’t need to be pretty, they just need to fit for size. They’re counterweights. I’m honestly not all that hung up on the materials, just one heavier than the other. Wanna do copper and tungsten? Go to town. Inconel instead of stainless? Gonna be hell on the tooling, but I’m not going to stop you.

Hopefully we have someone with some scrap 1” round bar that this would be a quick and easy project for.

Also, while we’re on the topic, if you happen to have some 1/2” brass round bar, I’d love to get a half dozen 3” pieces. These don’t even need machined, just cut off at something that approximates a flat surface.

I have absolutely no clue what costs would be, so any reasonable offer would be accepted.

Shoot me a PM or reply here if you’re even the slightest bit interested!

And thanks!

So I asked Capt about the brass bar he uses to smack down the sewn books, and he says he thinks it’s 3/8. He got it at Turner/Ace Hardware before they sold out to Westlake/Ace Hardware. Westlake has changed the stock, so they may not carry brass bars anymore, though.

MetalsDepot charges $23.14 for a 2 ft x1/2" round bar. Probably plus shipping…

The machine shop wiki has a list of local sources that sell small ‘drops’ a good choice for brass is:

McMurray Metals Co
3000 Elm Street
Dallas,Texas 75226, 214-742-5654

Oddly enough you can buy 1/2" brass bar at Grainger. The shorter lengths are about $1 per inch (6", 12", 24") - but you can pick them up without a shipping fee.

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