Need a leather handle recreated

Hey leatherworkers!

I’m repairing and prepping computer items for the VCF Southwest fundraising auction on June 24th. One of the items is an Osborne 1 computer from the early 80s. It still has its original box and the paperwork from when it was ordered from the factory.

However, one thing it has that I don’t have the knowledge to repair is a brittle leather handle cover. It’s wrapped over a thin piece of spring steel.

Is there someone who can create a replacement leather handle for this item? It’s something most of these computers need. Happy to pay to get this done.



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Can you please provide a couple of pictures for reference?


Unless I’m mistaken this is what it looks like:

That should be fairly easy to reproduce Raymond, any chance you can get dimensions and more pics before the weekend?

Oh yeah, that wouldnt take long at all. If the d rings are connected to the case then we would physically need it. Well unless we use snaps.

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I’ll be at DMS between 12 to 5 tomorrow (Sunday) for a prep session for folks needing help with their computers before VCF. I’ll bring it.


Heading up to DMS tonight to work on the computer in Electronics if anyone will be around for leather working. Be there about 6:30

Left about 9pm…

Disassembled it and found some screws floating around inside with one on the main board. Replaced one shorted Tantalum cap on the main board, 2 mains filter caps in the power supply were slightly bulging on top, and pulled the three RIFA caps. The screws went to mount the 2 floppy drives. Reinstalled those and tightened down the remaining ones.

Here’s Wordstar running from 5.25" disk:


I remember running Worstar from 5.25" disk… not on an Osborne, but…

Great job getting it back into shape! :+1:

If there’s anyone available to help, I’ll be at DMS from 5-9pm tomorrow night (Saturday) in the front lobby classroom helping folks get their collections ready for VCF Southwest.



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I’m at the space currently, but i will try to get back later to assist

Thank you sir!


It looks awesome! :slight_smile: