My Leather Maker Bag is finished



That is a real tweet and real response from him !


I figured he would. He’s super nice that way.


It can! And a whole bunch of letters


Drilling did not work well for me. The holes tended to get plugged with soot and the oily soot got everywhere when stitching (thread, fingers, smeared over the leather).

And, the diamond shape of the stitching prong holes seems to make a better stitch.

But marking worked very well.


Odd…I’ve cut great lace holes with the laser. Agree that marking should be nice as well.


I definitely prefer the shape of a diamond shaped hole, however the laser can cut some nice even stitch holes. @apparently_weird has had great success getting the hole size and distance dialed in.


What a glorious day!


Always in awe of your talent. While yes, stitch holes in Leather N Laser classes are large for ease, when doing my own personal projects these are the lasered stitch holes @Webdevel mentioned. 1.2mm wide stitch holes through both sides of leather and zipper. All hand stitched from there.