My Glazing Plans

Hey everybody!

I started at the studio kinda recently and I’ve had a growing interest in producing my own glazes, something I’ve never done before. I know there is a Glaze SIG in the works but I’ve already bought all my own raw materials and equipment. It should all arrive around next Tuesday and depending on my work schedule I’ll be in the studio around that time mixing up some of my first test batches. If anyone is interested in watching me mix up some glazes (outside), wants to track my results, or wants to offer any advice I’ll be updating it in this thread.

I’m planning on producing the following recipes from glazy:

I also have a small air compressor and a spray gun. I will attempt to set up a very basic spray booth outside in the parking lot once my test tiles come out and if anyone else is interested in doing some spray application I’d be happy to share my equipment. I’ve heard that there is a spray booth floating around but after sleuthing through some old threads it seems like there wasn’t anywhere to vent the exhaust and little space to accommodate it.

I have done spray application before but again I’ve never produced my own glazes so I might not be able to answer anyone’s questions but maybe we can learn together.

– John


Making your own glazes is super satisfying! I just got 50lbs in of rice hulls to turn into ash for an attempt at C6 compatible Nuka glaze. @Liamluu, @Steve1 and I are going to tackle it post Thanksgiving if you want to dive in with us. Basic triaxial blend to work on the melt.


That sounds really cool, I’d love to help out.

So, the thought that has run through my head with all the talk of mixing glazes here at DMS is:

What will we be doing for ventilation safety? It is my understanding that one can produce a cloud of toxic dust, etc., unless things are properly ventilated.

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I’m going to be doing it outside with a respirator on. Once it’s all mixed up it will be fine


I’m going to start mixing my own as well, so I’m very interested in what you end up making. So far I’ve just got a small batch of raw materials from Trinity. I’ll be mixing at home and then going from there.

If you keep detailed notes on what you’re doing to make them spray compatible (mesh sizes, etc.) that would be very helpful! I’m gearing mine toward a dipping consistency, but spraying has been a thought too. Good luck, it will be fun to see what you come up with!

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Will do! I must say Trinity’s raw materials are very expensive and as much as I wanted to support small business I couldn’t justify spending twice as much for my materials. Although I’m not sure if that’s because I was using the prices on their website. Texas Pottery Supply was a little bit cheaper but still no where close to The Ceramic Shop or other online vendors.

From what I’ve seen in my research most dip glazes are sieved through 40-60 mesh, for spraying it’s 80 mesh. I’ve sprayed dip consistency glazes just fine. I think the only kind that wouldn’t work is brush glazes because they usually have a thickening gum.

I’ve got to say I’m mostly pursuing spray glazes because it’s more modular with its smaller batches and less waste. The cool surface effects are just a bonus. :slight_smile:

How has the shipping ended up being from the online suppliers? That’s been my biggest issue for most things. Though ceramic molds are a different beast.

It was around $20 which wasn’t too bad. Still saved $100. I bet shipping on molds is pricey…

Great prices, great selection.


I’d love to learn the process and help if timing works out!

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I’m not sure if you’ll be around but I got my chemicals together and I’ll be around tomorrow before and after my class (12 - 2:30) mixing stuff together.

Sorry to miss out, I’m out of town until next week.

I got my test tiles out a few days ago and will be whipping up bigger batches tomorrow after altering the recipes a bit. All in all I’m pretty happy with how they came back but I think I’m going to dial back the colorants in the titanium base because they were a bit intense. No pin holing or crazing though! I currently have my test tiles sitting in vinegar to test for food safety but so far so good.


I love several of these :grinning:. Are you going to do a class so we can try them? Of course, we should be paying our fair share for your costs.

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Thanks! I would consider doing a class but it was my first time doing it though. I think I’m going to practice making a few different glazes before I do anything official. I’d be open to sharing my glazes though, I might to a spray application event once I have everything up and running. I’m looking forward to helping out in a glaze making SIG once we move over that gets up and running!


What is the white glaze, similar to oatmeal?

I’m not sure what oatmeal looks like lol. The first picture is the titanium base without colorants the last picture is the clear.

Amaco’s Oatmeal is a creamy light yellow, usually. When one isn’t layering it. Unlike some of the Potter’s Choice glazes, I don’t think it’s got a Cone 10 equivalent. Or, rather, a Cone 10 glaze it’s trying to mimic.

Sound like a lot of fun. I’ve used dip glaze and commercial bottled glaze sprayed. They both do well if you don’t get it over 40 psi