Multicam Users ... End Mill Supply Problem

We have a supplier (Molza Tools) who has graciously offered to supply DMS with several of the end mill styles members typically used for the low, low price of materials and shipping. Example … a $20 1/4" down cut spiral carbide mill on Amazon is available to DMS for $5. One condition is that we prepay for the order. We are nearly out of our down cut spirals. An order was placed and invoice sent on Sept 5. The invoice was to be paid with a DMS procurement card using PayPal per the instructions from the Treasurer in place at the time. It was not paid and Molza cancelled the order today.

I don’t know why this happened and will try to find out and place another order once I am confident payment will be made. Since timing is not predictable … plan to supply your own down cut spiral end mills until this is resolved.


Was the P-Card holder notified of the arrangement and urgency of the purchase? Also if there are frequent purchases from this company we should look at setting up an account or purchase via P.O.

Notified, yes.
The arrangement they offered is payment up front either by PayPal with a 4.5% fee or by check. DMS only cuts checks every two weeks. I asked the Treasurer how to proceed and was told to use the PayPal route.