Multicam users: dust collector modification


Bet you know what this means!

Yep, that’s right … it’s time to “MT” the bag when the lights turn on. The bag sits on a platform that is a bit of a seesaw. The bag sits on one end and the magnets are on the other. When the bag weight exceeds the magnetic force, the seesaw will reverse. Please shutdown the collector, empty the bag and reinstall or replace bag depending upon condition. FYI, you may need to manually raise the platform under the bag to reset the system.


Awesome!! Clever solution.


Love it. Hard to say “I didn’t know it was full” with a straight face.


I just noticed after a long job that there were holes in the collection bag and a sign saying we don’t have replacements (and I couldn’t find any). I left it as is for now but will cleanup around it thouroughly when there are bags available, it’s a very dusty mess in that corner right now


I notified Mark early Wed morning. Hopefully, he has something in the works. Maybe a big black trash bag could be used in the meantime since we don’t actually have to see the level anymore to know the bag is filling up.


Maybe a big black trash bag could be used as a protective second layer to catch the escaping dust.

Because otherwise … just wait until someone tries to move/empty the punctured primary bag …


I have a donated Delta Dust Collector that is meant for the new Plastics area that is temporarily being stored at my house. I am storing it until we move into Suite 102. Perhaps the bag on it will fit the Dust Collector on the Multicam. This could be a short term solution until you get a new replacement bag. I do not think the Machine Shop would have a problem with this since the donated Dust Collector technically belongs to them.


The taped bag only held for a few uses yesterday. Hope Depot doesn’t show any replacements without shipping. If someone needs to try the a garbage bag second layer, below are installation instructions.


If your bag fits, Woodshop should just keep it on condition that Machine Shop gets a one of the replacements without wood dust.


I should be able to stop over to DMS this evening and I’ll bring the dust collector bag with me. We can see if it will fit.


I ordered more bags for it yesterday. They will arrive shortly.


I stopped by the Multicam Thursday night and my Dust Collector bag was too big for your machine. So, you will have to wait until your order comes in. I tried!


Thanks for trying Richard. We appreciate your help.


Let me say that sig is BRIGHT! It went off with about 4 minutes left on my job today. I let my job finish then took the black bag out to the dumpster. It was torn so I just threw it away and used the new bag that was in the bottom drawer. Is the idea to just empty that bag going forward instead of throwing it out each time?

No one can ever say they didnt notice that sign going off after seeing how bright it is. Great job SIG!


All depends on bag condition.