Multicam Training class

Hi Friends,

I know a couple of us reached out in the training request section but I don’t know if they were seen or not. But myself along with @cduckle and @dsartain18 had inquired about multicam training.

Is there anyone doing this? I haven’t seen anything on the schedule for this since I joined in June. Would someone be willing to have a small class training session?

Thank you!

There are currently no classes. We are trying to figure out the best way to do these classes online, but so far nothing planned.


is the issue that there are no people certified to train on this? Unfortunate because I have a handful of projects that require the use of this machine…

How far along are the projects? For example, do you have V-Carve files for them?

Hi Brian,

Not currently. These are wood/epoxy projects that im giving as Christmas presents and will need flattened by the cnc end of October (ish) so im just trying to get my ducks in a row to prep for that


The first step is to login to the JUMP server using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

is this in order to use the software to create the working files?

Exactly. We have a V-Carve license available via the JUMP server.

There are other applications available but it’s a great place to start. While a bit quirky V-Carve is fairly easy to use and is a great choice for what you’re trying to do.

Of the pieces to be flattened, what size is the piece that’s the highest priority?

great thanks, ill take a look at that. I have one 22"x26"x1" piece (will have this one ready to flatten next week) and two 15" diameter circle pieces. all olive wood and epoxy

After running V-Carve the first time let me know and I’ll post more instructions.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Iirc the pendant also has a surface milling routine built in that Mitch has used to flatten slabs in the past.

It’s good practice to learn to run the CAM software and run your own code on the machine, but if you do a lot of flattening the built in method is worth looking into as well.

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Ah, but I’m hoping for a toolpath less rectangular so @kaylanbetten and I don’t have to watch the machine milling air.

And, if she can get a close outline into V-Carve, milling is outside-in, and climb is used the material should be left with a nice clean edge (eliminate tear out).

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Hi Brian!

Ive got the file set! sorry it took me a bit to figure out how to log in remotely but Vcarve was pretty easy to navigate. I ran a preview and it was doing what I wanted

Hi, I am hoping to get checked out on the CNC router as well. I took the training pre-covid and I have some experience running a shopbot, but I never got granted access to the multicam. Is someone able to check out my file so I can start making projects?

@kaylanbetten, I went by DMS yesterday to check the Multicam. It desperately needs to be greased and one of the dust boot pins is missing.

I ordered replacements for the pins. They should arrive today (Tuesday).

I’ve never greased that machine. The User’s Manual has some instruction. If no one steps up I’ll eventually just do it.

In the meantime, later today I’ll take a look at the file you sent.

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Brian, I’m available if you need a helper for multicam tuneup.


sounds good, thank you!

Brian, if you give me a heads up when you’re going to work on it, I’ll head over and help out as well.


I’m not too experienced but also can try to help out if the timing works out right. It would also be good to get certified on the machine.

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