Multicam recertification test

Hello everyone,

Finally getting back into some projects and looking to get rectified since I see procedures have been updated. Does anyone have time for it in the next week?

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Will reach out via PM.

Hi. I was a member of Makerspace a few years ago. I would like to get recertification in woodshop and have a question about the wood cnc machine.
Any help or direction that you could give will be greatly appreciated!

Grab the first class on the calendar for Woodshop. The wood cnc path requires members to first become proficient on the Shapeoko 3.

How does one go about doing that?

One would watch the calendar like a hawk and snag the classes as @jphelps and @keoliver post them. There is a rumor that one can get a heads up on future classes via some secret website @jsnowfreedman knows about.

There’s not a secret website, but if you join the discord there is a calendar channel where messages get sent when a class gets published. If you have the app on your phone, you can set the notification preferences for that channel to always notify, and then you’ll get a little pop-up notification.

I have a somewhat private site that sends me texts whenever classes get posted that I guess I could open up to members.

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There is a shapeoko 3 CAM class for this Thursday that is in the approval queue. It is not machine side training but is part of the process for learning to use the cnc machines and a great starting point .

Well, phooey. Naturally that’s when I’m teaching a sewing thing…

I will do it again soon …

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How do you join the discord?

And then the calendar channel can be right clicked/notifications be changed.