Multicam - Not Cool

Someone ran their bit a full quarter inch into the spoilboard. Seems like a re-training opportunity.

Are the current spoilboards worth fixing and if so, how might I contribute to that effort?

either the bit slipped or this is pure carelessness.
it takes seconds to measure the thickness of the material and to set that value in vcarve so that it goes no thicker than that.
Just picking a random value to ensure it cuts thru is just plain stupid. If it is just carelessness
the persons’ privilege should be removed. You have to wonder if they bothered to set the top and bottom values like you’re suppose to. Either way, I hope you can see them on the camera since I think we can’t expect someone to come forward.

Doesn’t matter what is in VCarve if you set the top and bottom properly like you mention later (short of doing too many passes and blowing out tabs… Hehe).

Yes exactly, so to not do that then it is dependent on the depth value in VC which to cut thru they pick a random large value below the supposed thickness(assuming they even measured it). Bad form all the way around. Find them and revoke ‘em. That is just a total waste of a spoil board.

Before you burn anyone at the stake, please recognize that the spoilboard is in awful shape. I was at DMS Friday to wrap up things on my final day of access. I attempted to re-attach the spoilboard to the plenum, but it was in too far gone. Since the boards would not lay flat, even with new tape and the vacuum turned on, I did not resurface the table. It is possible that a person could set max depth at one place and it be too low at another. You will have to determine that on site. One key would be if the cuts are not uniform from zone to zone or from edge of zone to the middle.

New spoilboaqrds need to be installed, They are under the table and instructions are on the Wiki (

Another set of spoilboards will need to be prepped and put under the table for the next change as well.

Hope this helps someone get it back in good shape.

Just a reminder, no one was willing to lead the Multicam SIG and it was disbanded. Don’t know why it is still a category option (@John_Marlow ??)


I would like to be around when the spoilboard is changed. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it on my own for the first time.

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@jottwell I can join the fun. That way the blame can be passed around equally. Two of us can’t be as dumb as one of us, no?

Seriously not kidding, I’m happy to do it or help get it done.

Sort of wish whoever didn’t set max depth was spanked a little before going through the effort though.


Thanks to @bertberaht for showing us how to change the spoil board. It is now a pristine environment.


Is it possible to write up the process so anyone who is willing and checked out on machine can do this in the future?


It is written up, I just didn’t feel comfortable doing it in my own for the first time. Bert was kind enough to walk us through the process and show us where it is documented. Documentation is on the committee drive and the wiki.



Si, eso es.

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That’s awesome! I was literally on my way there from work at around 3:45 when for the first time in more than a year I got called back to the office to help with a project. I didn’t get out until 10 PM. I’ll definitely participate next time this happens.