MultiCAM Help (with new features)

I’ve taken the advanced class and used the MultiCAM extensively, but mostly due to COVID, I haven’t used it since the upgrades. Zoned vacuum, torque wrench, etc. makes sense, but I’m not sure what dust brush assembly to use (there was a quick mention of it in the new-ish videos, but nothing definitive), and the change from an actual PC to a Raspberry Pi. I’d love to stop by and watch for a few minutes next time someone is there using it, just to get acquainted with the new features.

If anyone is planning to use the MultiCAM in the next several days, please let me know when you’re planning to be there. Thanks!


The vacuum zones correspond to the 6 pieces of MDF on the table, you can block off the area you need for your part to increase vaccuum hold. We went from a Pi to a new computer, just log in with your AD credentials and you can access the jump server for V-Carve with the link on the desktop. Torque wrench clicks when you get the collet tight enough. I have been kind of laying low but maybe someone else can chime in and help.

Thanks for that. All makes sense. What about the dust shoe? I was there yesterday and saw two dust shoes, but both looked incomplete. Is there a “good” one to use somewhere?

Mitch, just so you know, the torque wrench does click but most will not be able to hear it especially in the woodshop. You can feel the handle “give” when the preset torque is reached. There should be a bolt attached to the top of the brown cabinet that I recommend a user put the torque wrench on and experiment with trying to turn. That way they can experience the “give” and know what to expect. If a user isn’t paying attention they can miss it and overtighten the collet nut.


Is there a way for us (someone) to tweak the options on that RDP link so it shares thumb drives when you’re on the jump server?

I do it but pulling up Remote Desktop myself and setting it before connection. But it would be convenient to have it set up on the link.

I personally don’t use dust collection because I want to see what’s going on and in case of occasional bit breakage. I chase with a shop vac.

I’m not sure if either dust shoe is serviceable but I have plans to make us a new one that attaches with alignment pins and magnets.