Multicam CNC Training

I took the class an absurdly long time ago (10/18/16 with Alex Rhodes according to my notes), but never ended up doing the sign off. I see there’s a topic about getting more trainers, but I am unsure of the current status.

I finally have a couple of projects where I’d like to use the Multicam. I just need to finish the sign off, as well as ask a few questions on the best approach for my project.

Is the anyone who would be able to help?

I can help you with your project over a TeamViewer session.

With Ian’s permission (I’m not officially a trainer), I could sign you off to use the machine after I get my second vaccine dose in about three weeks. Best I can do personally.


That would be fantastic, I can certainly be patient! Thank you so much!

I’m Ian Lee and I approve this message.

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