Multicam CNC Class Latest? 10/9/2020

What is the latest on the CNC Router classes?
I don’t see any on the calendar. Are folks doing 1 on 1’s?
Thank you!

Hey Joe, I’m assuming you are talking about the multicam CNC, in the woodshop. I’ve been looking for the same training. I’m under the impression that there is currently one individual who is a “teacher” of the multicam and that this individual isn’t hosting classes for the foreseeable future due to COVID.

thanks for getting back to me @willb
I can understand that worry … are there plans to get anyone else up to speed to be able to teach that class (with proper and reasonable precautions)?

as far as i know hes the only one allowed to teach it

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I understand that @trapper13 … I’m asking if anyone else is going to be brought up to speed anytime soon …

too my knowledge no thats the way they like it

That’s certainly not how we like it, but finding teachers willing to put in the amount of time and effort it takes to teach CNC is not easy by any means.


Quite the opposite. It would certainly be advantageous of DMS to have more teachers soliciting more classes ($) and more memberships driven by the motivations of using a tool that requires said training. That said, there’s no way to force someone’s hand into teaching. It’s a hell of a machine to learn and even more so to teach. There’s a lot of responsibility wrapped up in the Multicam.


Fair enough.
I’m very interested in learning … but may not be the best to become the super user because of time constraints (new born!)

I could teach folks how to use it, but I’m lacking skills in 3D carving (like I have none at all). Without a syllabus I’d be sort of lost on where to start.

It’s been so long since I took the class that I don’t even remember what it covered. I do know that it covered way more than is needed to safely and effectively use the machine.


Hi, I am hoping to get checked out on the CNC router as well. I took the training pre-covid and I have some experience running a shopbot, but I never got granted access to the multicam. Is there someone who could get me checked out on the multicam? Not looking for training as much as just looking to get access.

Are you comfortable with VCarve and setting up your toolpaths?

Yes. I am very comfortable with the software side.