Multicam classes for 2019


Having joined the DMS last summer, I have wanted to take the Multicam class so that I can use the router for a couple of projects that I have in mind. Would it be possible for someone to schedule more than one class going into the new year? Thanks


I’m in a similar position, I didn’t see any of the intro classes listed, only the proficiency test. I assume more can be added but if y’all are waiting for demand go ahead and throw my name in the hat.


The class is always listed as CNC Router, not Multicam. I took the class in November, and only joined in October.

Please bear in mind that classes are taught by fellow DMC members, and they schedule according to their own schedules coupled with classroom and/or equipment availability.


The other issue may simply be teachers. Chris G gives a lot of his time to teach the class and then do all the checkouts. It is a bit unfair (as with most committees) to then ask more of him. There are a LOT of people who use the multiCam. that implies they have the practical knowledge of using it and since the materials already exist it would be easy if more people would teach a class. But that’s the way it tends to run. I’m in the same boat with the HAAS CNC. that’s why it is only offered once a month. We may lose our Bridgeport teacher soon so he can do other classes, and I’m not in a position to add to my list of classes so unless someone steps up there won’t be any of those on any regular basis either.


When I was doing it, just help with checking out people would have been a huge help. Sucks teaching a 3+ hour class and getting emails at midnight or so from people wanting to checkout the next night :laughing:


My next Bridgeport class will probably be a Train the Trainer to see if we can get another couple of teachers.

First need to get the classroom/slide portion done so the class is shorter - only two hours vs 3.5-4.0 which is typical.


Learning to machine is a big reason I joined DMS, and I certainly don’t mind teaching anything I know/learn. Is your idea for a Train the Trainer class to include relative newbies with interest (and aptitude)? Or for more experienced members? Totally understandable if it’s the latter… (Realizing that this sidebar might be better suited for the Machining area… but the conversation is here in Woodshop…)


The beginning Brdigeport class isn’t how to become a Machinist, it’s about how to safely operate the machine and understand it’s basic operations and DMS Machine Shop policies so you can start practicing to develop skills. The MIT videos on the Machine Shop WIki are great for helping you develop more advanced skills. People that have taken the Intro Class have commented “Now the videos make sense!”

In the video it assumes you know the basic controls and set-ups and goes through them fast.

The Train the Trainer class is for people that have worked on Bridgeport/Vertical Knee Mill outside of DMS, or have done a few projects and feel confident enough to teach and demonstrate it basic use. It is very much a hands on course. The Train the Trainer course assumes you know how to use the Bridgeport … not at a Machinist level though and will not qualify you as having had the Intro course (experienced operators can est out). It covers what things to cover, the Do’s and Don’ts, Safety, and Machine Shop policies.

Ideally, if there is a pool of 4 instructors, the class can be taught every two weeks with each instructor only teaching once every two months so it isn’t a burden. If there are 3, then once every 6 weeks. This model holds true for all classes in every committee. So volunteer to be a Trainer

The Haas & Multicam have multiple sessions: Multicam - Classroom and Test, Haas: Two classes and 2 Tests. As @Kentamanos Ken pointed out if some folks will do the testing then more people can be trained. For Haas, if you can teach a class and or be a tester this also takes the burden off a single Instructor so more can be taught.

I get a lot of requests on teaching more advanced skills on the Bridgeports and other aspects of machining. I’d like to get into doing that.

If folks are interested please PM me so we can set up a class for train the trainers. Please note, if you take this class my expectation and most Train the Trainer instructors is you’ll teach at least one class within the next 6 weeks. If you don’t, there’s nothing “I can do”, but what “I won’t do” is assist you when asked for help as you’ll have wasted my time with a false commitment. Yes, life happens, but when you finally teach the class you’ll have met the commitment agreed to.

I can personally say, I enjoy teaching people how to use DMS equipment, classes I’ve taught in my 5+ years here: TtT for the Pffafenbeast, TtT and regular Bridgeport, Sherline Mill, Colchester Lathe, Cold Cut Saw, CNC Plasma Torch and Shear-Brake-Slip Roller. I love walking through and seeing folks using the machines they are taught on - and it’s nice to be recognized as a Mentor folks can come an ask questions when they need help.

We’re a community and being one of the rotating instructors in pool is an excellent and enjoyable way to give back to our Maker Community - this appeal is for all the different committees, they all need depth for the basic / intro classes.

Thanks in advance to everyone that is willing to contribute - my goal is a commitment of a couple hours once every two months. Not a large burden and can be done when you’re coming to DMS anyway.


Hey everyone - Happy New year in advance!

I teach the CNC (MultiCam) class once a month. If there is a need to offer the class more often, I would be happy to put more classes on the calendar.

The classes have 20 seats available and I always take paid walkin folks. There are usually two to three testing classes following the classroom class. Out of every 20 folks that take the class less than 10 take the practical test.

I enjoy teaching and testing folks and it is NOT a burden at all.

Look for another CNC (MultiCam) class in early January and every month following…