Multicam class for december


Hi. I have a project I’m trying to do this month that would need the use of the Multicam, I’m signed up to take the proficiency test on the 10th and would love the chance to wrap my mind around it hands on with a 101 class. I will be doing research into it every night till then but feel that a multicam class would probably fill up with all the people being crafty for the holodays. if someone can take the time to do that let me know so I can sign up. Thanks!

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For clarification, are you saying that you haven’t taken the classroom portion of the MultiCam, completed the files, etc.?

@cghaly … this might interest you …


yes. I know in concept how it works. and the process but would like to learn more from an expert if its possible.


You must take the classroom portion before you can take the test out. There will not be a classroom offering before the proficiency test on the 10th.


Ah, gotcha. Well I think I could cram for the test on my own and pass. But if that’s out of the question for other reasons i understand. I’m trying really hard to impress my new boss and show my value in cnc machining.


Thanks. I’ll back out of the test if that’s a no. Either way is there anyone that might teah a multicam class this month?


I have put a MultiCam class on the calendar for 12/17. It should show up in a day or two.


hey thanks man! I’ll sign up right now ^^