Multi-Cam Training

Looking at the calendar, there isn’t a Multi-Cam class scheduled …
Is there a way to get trained?
Who is the right person to talk to?
Thank you!


Also … it looks like the videos on this site are “private” in youtube … I can’t see them and I’m logged in.

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@cghaly is who you want to talk to

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IIRC we are waiting for the board to make a decision on online classes getting honorarium for the vcarve/safety training. The one on one testing I can do as needed (my schedule is full though)

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any way to add myself to a “waiting list” for one-on-one training?

If you’ve taken the class and have a Vcarve file ready send it to [email protected] @cghaly or I can look at it and schedule something.

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No I have not had a user class on the CNC yet, patiently waiting for that class… lol. I will get my file together soon and let you look at it.

Thank you,

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I too am interested in a multicam class. fingers crossed