msp-exp430G2 ...m430G2553: UART initial issues

I am trying to get the initial program to run the UART on msp430G2553. I am programming it through code composer 8. I am having issue programming the unit and seeing the proper changes in special registers as i watch the register in ide. I also step through the program in debugging mode. I am going to try a few more things. Do you have any suggestions?

I am also going to go through the help manual ide.
I am going to reinstall the board.

I am trying to get some information from a older programing book ISBN:978-0-7506-8276-3

Hard to say with the limited info you supply.

Make sure the I/O pin is enabled.

Since it’s a uart, route the bit clock to an I/o pin and make sure the freq is what you expect.

Are you looking at the tx pin with a scope or just looking with another uart?

Thank for your response. Do you have any experience with TI products? I was able to use the PWM, but I have an issue with stock code with UART.

I’ve done a number of MSP430 designs including the 2553. Stop by for office hours this evening and we cap look at what you have. Bring your code, target, and programmer.

I have that book too.

Did you get this sorted out?