MSDS: Milliken Tegris

Please find attached, the Material Safety Data Sheet for Milliken’s Tegris material, submitted for safety review.

tegris.pdf (24.1 KB)

Tegris is commonly used as a kind of interfacing – a stiffener for belts, interior panels of luggage and bag openings. Laser cutting is an ordinary method of processing Tegris.


+1 for tegris. It is just a polypropylene weave. Polypropylene is widely accepted as safe to laser cut:

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You are to be commended on your diligence seeking out the technical information and submitting it to the committee for review. Not a lot of people willing to go that level of effort to get a well-informed answer.

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Pelican case are made from the same stuff…
I’ve used the lasers to engrave them… it has a tendency to melt.

This is ~5mm thick SRPP (Self Reinforcing Polypropylene, generic name for Tegris) cut on a 100w CO2 Laser (not the DMS). Once you dial in your settings it cuts really nicely with minimal over melting and clean up.