Motorcycle SIG – Interest?

The new Automotive Shop has an area designated “Motorcycle Shop”. If we are going to have a space, we should have a Special Interest Group (SIG) to manage it. I have been told that a motorcycle lift is included in the plan. We should really have a list of other tools that would be useful for custom bike projects, modifications, DIY accessories, maintenance, and repairs.

To this end, we should have a meeting (all good things start with meetings, right?). So we will set up a MCSIG Planning Meeting for either a Tuesday night, or a Saturday afternoon, about two weeks from now. Tell me which you would prefer below.

The MCSIG can be anything from just an entity to manage the space, to an organization that builds a custom bike for the Hand Built Motorcycle Show, at all times, of course, complying with all applicable rules and regulations of the City, County, State of Texas, USA, and the Space. We can discuss this at the meeting.

Also, if you have any ideas as to tools and equipment that would be useful in a motorcycle shop, and you cannot make it to a meeting, post your suggestions below. I will start it off with my suggestion: a Motorcycle Chassis Dynamometer… What else do we need?