Morse: All that work ... wow that is fast

This is really fast for being … unplugged …
I don’t think I’ve heard of straight key

Is Morse code still used much?

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I got my Extra Class License 50 years ago using a straight key at just over 20 words per minute. Back then Morse Code was required for your license. You had to pass the test in front of an official FCC Examiner and you could only use a straight key at the time.


Unplugged? Looks like he is being electrocuted to me. :wink:


You can communicate via Morse code where background RF is too noisy to make voice contacts. Even though it is no longer required, it seems like a surprising number do go to the effort of learning Morse code. It is on my eventual to do list. (I’ve even built one kit radio I can’t use until I learn, and have a second kit waiting)

Ok but how would anyone know if this is real morse code or he’s just trigger happy with that button there. I’m just curious if someone could decode this message as fast as he’s tapping it out

If you look at the paper, it seems like random letters … must be a test of some kind

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Interesting observation. Each downward clack (the beep) followed by the release click.

Yeah, if you have trained for different lengths of tone, different lengths of time between clack and click may not be so easy to “hear” the same.

learning morse code is like learning cursive, I don’t see any utility.

The trick is to use headphones all the time when listening to Morse Code. You do not hear the click and clack sounds. Use the radio receiver’s BFO (Beat Frequency Oscillator) knob to adjust the frequency of the tone to your liking.

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If we’re looking for cool uses of CW, there’s a monthly QRP contest called the spartan sprint, at least a few years back one of the consistent winners was using a basically homebuilt radio in an altoids tin. They’d go out to a local park and throw an antenna in a tree and work 1-2 dozen contacts with people all across the country, on 2-3 watts, with a <3oz radio that fit in their pocket.