More information on reopening dates

I know there is already a short topic thread posted about when DMS plans to reopen, but it is closed and very unhelpful to anyone without access to the member-only links. I would really like to utilize DMS again this summer as do many others, but I need to know where the decision committee is at in regards to reopening. I would appreciate information on what the criteria is for reopening and when those decisions are scheduled to be made as well as any other pertinent information. This would greatly help myself and others better plan and utilize our time and money this summer by helping us to make informed decisions on memberships and DMS projects. Thank you for any clarification on re-opining dates and plans.

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At this time there is no date.
The BoD, Ofcrs, Chairs and V-Chairs are working on policies and procedures for reopening.
Remember we are an all volunteer org and there are lots of hours being put in to get us open again.
Patience is the keyword, now and after we reopen.
Lots of patience.


By the way, this is a non-profit. We’d really appreciate it if you’d just go ahead and send in your membership money now rather than wait for any sign of re-opening. That way, when we do open back up, you can be a part of the “in” crowd and have i-wuz-there bitchin’ rights about the great reopening date of 2020.

…seriously though, don’t be tight with that check book. If everyone did that we may not be around to open back up.


There is an official statement for the public now. We will pin it and update the status there when we know more about reopening. Status of the Covid-19 temporary closure


The official statement is appreciated, but not very transparent at all. Broad statements with no timeline will continue to drive membership levels down. I think we would all like to know at least an idea of when we might be able to return. Right now the official statement could point to opening next week or in 5 years.


We haven’t published a date yet because we are still working on the specific details for a safe reopening. We are directly coordinating with committee chairs to implement their plans for modifying their spaces and policies to support the new safety requirements. We are also in the process of modifying the facility to support the new safety requirements. This includes things like foot pulls for the doors and other operational improvements.

If there is a specific area you are interested in I recommend contacting your committee chair and working with them to assist directly at that level.

We appreciate everyones patience as we work through this. It’s a lot of work, but many people have stepped up and provided both good ideas and physical help to get us closer to our goal of a safe reopening.

Trust me people, that’s all the info that is known, I’ve posted my fingers raw, and the only conclusion that needs to be drawn is the people who’re in charge are on top of it, they’re working out a plan and it will be done in the quickest and saftest manner possible, so we just have to trust them! And believe me when there’s a date for reopening, they’re not gonna keep it a secret, they’ll let us know haha!

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Amen to that! It will be a huge load off all of us when we can be operating again. Strange as it sounds it’s been more work managing it closed than it has been keeping it open.

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I appreciate the additional context on the work leading to reopening. I think his is one of those times when overcommunicating may be warranted. Much like Rich has done with expansion. Once he started providing concise, detailed updates, much of the talk noise on expansion settled down.

Given the shift to committee focused efforts, a post or two from each committee on their thinking/plans may go a long way to providing more transparency for the membership. Also a great way to get volunteers if needed.

I’d be happy to scribe if there was a committee/board update call.

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