More Additions to ELab

ELab now has a microscope for smd work/inspection.

Some assembly required…

The blue workbench was rearranged to accommodate:

New LCR meter:


great my PCB board class has SMD components, I just bought a whole assortment of SMD caps I couldn’t find any in the lab, did I miss them?

I know we have a lot of smd resistors. Not sure about caps. What size(s)/values?

We used to have a bunch of donated SMT parts, but they were given away as “too hard to use”.

I rescued a fair bit of this before any of it went into the dumpsters. If you put up your BOM, I can check if I might have those values.

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We still have some smd ics. They’re in tubes in the black bins on the floor under the shelves next to the bench straight in from the door…i.e. the “dark corner”.

There a smd caps and resistors in trays on the parts wall.

They were too hard to find. They were organized twice and the users of them just pawed through them and destroyed any work we did on organizing. After a year of trying to keep them in a usable state and to make room, they were offered to anyone that wanted them for 8 weeks. Another makerspace even picked up 3-4 bags of parts. A lot of did go in the trash but we tried to only get rid of dupes and short snippets of 4-6 parts.

Can you please stop couching your description of the event as careless? Because that is not true.

I donated a bunch of SMD capacitors and inductors a few weeks ago. Check the rack on the right hand side as you walk in, on the next to the top shelf. They are in blue plastic holders, about 5 or 6 holders of various sizes and values.


Your demolition team didn’t toss out all the through-hole components (ICs, resistors, etc.), which were in a similarly disorganized state. Those Protektive Pak boxes they were in that Brooks was gleefully stomping on? About $2.50 each.

We’re going to have to disagree on this point.

Load of Shit really? We stoop so low so quick around here.

First off I did not invite a lot of the participants on the “demo team”. It was unfortunate that so many interested in electronics did not show to help. We still had several hundred of those boxes that lived under the bench in the corner. Probably still a ton of them.

The room is definitely in better shape now due to the efforts of many people. I don’t think a lot of them miss the safety hazard that was those wobbly towers. If we had infinite storage I would have kept the parts. We lost the committee storage shelf about the same time.

My son spent about 30 hours sorting the through hole bins. And yes they are now all over and un organized. But that is the constant nature of people treating the room as consumers and not stewards.

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What size holes were they? Couldn’t you have nested them or put other things in to holes? :thinking:

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I showed up to help, and left in disgust when the ‘sorting’ I witnessed were Brooks and Haley simply tossing the bags of parts, without even looking at them, directly into one of the several large trash cans brought in for that purpose.

I also witnessed two members sorting parts and creating a box they took, while talking about the resale value for those parts on ebay…

Like Zach, I was extremely disappointed all of this was allowed to happen. You can ask Art, I have been pestering him for quite some time to organize small meetings to organize and decide what to do with much of these boxes of parts. It was about a year ago, where we spent two days sorting the resistors and several other boxes of parts. The resistors and capacitors are still basically organized the way we left them.

IMO, we should either organize those boxes of parts into something people can reasonably use, or get rid of all of them.

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can you train on the LCR meter?

Thank you! I will remember that for next time.

Here is the English manual.

I will also cover this device in the Intro to the basic lab tools; multimeter, power supplies, and ohms law class that I will be adding to the calendar late next week.

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Oh, and to reempasize, this LCR meter is not for in circuit testing. If you r part is attached to a pc board, this isn’t the tool to use.


Nice microscope. Here’s a shot of some 0201s. The view is somewhat sharper in person