Monthly meeting for July happening?

Hey all,

is the monthly meeting for July happening? (2020-07-04) It’s not posted on the calendar yet.

3dfab doesn’t seem to have had an election yet for this cycle… I can’t find minutes for an election last fall either.

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Looks like a meeting is about to hit the calendar.

I spoke with Max and he said that the election will be the next meeting after this one.

@maxk68 can speak for himself here.

These elections are supposed to have already happened.


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concern troll is concern troll. This is a public discussion and Max, as chair, is accountable to the membership.

As for the event that’s finally on the calendar, outstanding issues in 3dfab:

  • Overall lack of cleanliness. Many items haven’t been cleaned since the move. Many since before that. The amount of dead skin on the cart drawers, especially in a pandemic, was disgusting. The fact the committee was silent on the matter, and we had to get an old chair to provide guidance for pandemic rules is disconcerting. Given the lack of cleanliness on the drawers seen an update or regular cleaning schedule needs to be discussed
  • The committee still has not procured the software @maxk68 keeps requesting I install on the 3dfab computers (Simplify3d and emachineshop. There are 5 workstations. Someone was able to turn up the license information for 3 educational copies of simplify, but that’s all I have). I cannot find minutes approving the software purchase which Max told me was $149/seat
  • Status of setting up OctoPuppet. This had been brought to my attention by @maxk68 and @talkers on multiple occasions, but there seem to be no updates on where things stand. Since the network was being cleaned up to reclaim the infrastructure switches and keep things clean it’s a time as any to get it done.

Lastly, that meeting doesn’t have teleconferencing. I’d strongly encourage @maxk68 to add that in since we are still in a pandemic.

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I expect some people part of the 3d fab committee to speak here. If someone is trying to speak to one person, or ask one person, I have found it is better to contact them directly. That is all I was saying.

Except that’s not what you were saying; you were poking at the face that we called out Max for not being reasonably reachable at his chair email as he’s required to be, a policy for which you vehemently argued against.