Mobile Storage Rack- Holds 5 Bikes and Many Cubic Feet of Stuff- Make Offer

This great rack could be Yours!

Our kids flew the coop (taking their bikes with them), and we need to make garage space for an upcoming big project.

The rack holds 5 bicycles and lots of totes or boxes for tools or camping or whatever. It’s easy to roll a bike on or off the rack, and it’s easy to roll the whole rack around on its casters. It’s got a very efficient footprint - Despite it’s massive storage capacity, we’ve still been able to squeeze it in a 3 car garage together with 3 cars to ward off hail storms…

It would be great to place it in a good home - or even get it to somebody interested in parts. So please send a DM if you’re interested.

What a beauty - I hate to let it go…
(bikes not included)

Lightweight yet sturdy construction - plenty of triangles…

2x4 top bar is great for hanging stuff.
The full-width shelf near the top is just over 15 inches front to back, and about 15 inches high in the back.

6 heavy duty casters and solid base ensure that it rolls easily even when it’s loaded with weighty stuff…

simple post holds your bikes firmly in place

just under 6 feet 10 inches tall. Easily rolls underneath my garage door tracks and lifters…

about 7 feet 10 inches left to right

about 4 feet front to back

Give me a ping me and we’ll get you set up!

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