Missing - Project in Wood Storage

My friend Andy @andywong and I were working on an oak chest. Tonight we checked the storage shelf and our entire project is missing. The ticket was good until 3/1. Was this moved to storage purgatory by chance?

Might tag @Team_Logistics. If they didn’t move it, maybe they could ID who did…

if it was moved by logistics you would have gotten an email about it to the email that was entered into the storage kiosk.

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i dont have your name or andy on my list for stuff moved in feb. i do have a “no tag” that looks like it might become a wood box when it grows up.

is this it?

Thanks so much for sending this photograph! Unfortunately this not appear to be our project, but I could be wrong. Several of our pieces had pencil markings with a few mortises cut out of them. It was last stored in the upper left corner of the wood storage shelving in the workshop. When we checked, both the project and the tag were missing.

The fact that I have not received an email about any storage items also makes me concerned.

I would be open to taking a look at what you have just in case, just let me know when you will be at the space.


Will anyone from logistics be at the space today by chance? I would like to check the storage kiosk for a missing project that may have been moved.

We will be at the space tomorrow at 2pm tagging expired storage, I can let you in then.

What were the dates you last saw your items?

Thanks for reaching out Pearce, the soonest I could be at the space tomorrow would be 5pm. I will try and reach out to you then.

Items were last seen 2/13


Is anyone with logistics at the space this evening? I wanted to check the storage kiosk for a missing project.

I can come back by when I’m done helping someone move.

Time unknown. Truck rental issues

Ok thank you, I will head that way.

Let me know when you will be heading back.

Mell is on the way up and can help

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Hey Nate! I’m here and can help you out. I can hang out for about 15 minutes. Are you here?

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Sorry, I just saw this. Are you still at the space?

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I’ll be there in a few

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Sweet, I am heading back. I will be there in 20min.

FOUND IT! Thank you so much @PearceDunlap!