Missing Filament

Last week i did a print that, for some reason was stopped and removed when I was out of the building taking care of a quick errand. At no point did anyone contact me about this, on any of the contact methods that I left on the print. I’m not asking about that. what I am asking about is the fact that when I came to pick up the print, at around 2 in the morning that night, I apparently forgot to grab my spool of filament. Does anyone know what happened to it? It was a roll of gray ABS.

I removed your project the day before because your were not here and I could not read your business card you left behind, I placed your project and spool on one of the workstations, You picked up the print early the next morning but left your filament, When I came in later that day I placed your filament on the lost and found shelf along with a grey roll of 3mm filament.


okay, thanks for letting me know, although i would like to know how you couldn’t read the card, as I’m almost out of them and need to order the next set, so it would be helpful to know if i need to redesign it.

now how do i look through the feeds for the security cameras; is the @Team_Infrastructure? . Because as of last night, only the 3mm filament is there.

I would talk to infrastructure, I put the filament on the lost and found shelf the day before or the day they moved it over by electronics

@Team_Infrastructure any way you can help me out?

Lost and Found was moved to hallway outside of Digital Media.
There’s a bag w/ Amazon gray filament.

it’s not that one. @maxk68 put 2 one there, mine (which is a 1.75 mm) and a 3 mm (which is the amazon one). Is there anyway that I could look at the security camera feeds between the 8th and the 11th to see if the spool got lost during the move, or if someone thought that it was theirs and took it?

You’ll need to request camera access from @Team_Infrastructure.

Is there a form that I do that with? I can’t seem to find the request method on the wiki @Team_Infrastructure

Sending a pm to them should work.