Missing Dynatorch Credentials

Hi all! I tried to login to the Dynatorch computer and got the “Sign In Method Not Allowed” error. I can log in at other terminals so I figured I didn’t get added to whatever AD group I needed to after I took that class (probably a good year ago) so just wanted to touch base on what I needed to do to get my account updated, thanks!


You need to reach out to your instructor to get yourself added. Who taught you?

I have no idea of his name. I don’t have that email address anymore either but maybe I can find the old charge for the class on an old statement to at least narrow it down.

It was the instructor that made DMS keychains if that narrows it down at all :rofl:

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Well, I created the DMS keychain from the DMS logo. But I never taught the normal classes. I taught train the trainers.

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You can login to the calendar and in the top-right drop down you can see the classes you’ve taken

Thanks! I don’t see it so I guess I must have just watched the class but wasn’t actually in it or am just all together misremembering. Thanks again for the help! I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the class for the next time it comes around.

Do you have an idea of when you took the class? If you can get it down to a range of a month, I can check my old class rosters and see if I find your name.

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