Missing Dms. Feeling all sorts of non isolated isolated

Covid got me all sorts of emotional.
Missing everyone. Hope Everyone is well.
Let’s do a virtual happy hour or something.
One minute show and tell.
Or something.
That is all.


I second a virtual happy hour! As someone who lives alone, I have no one except the lizards in my backyard to talk to. :grimacing:

My siblings and I do a virtual happy hour once a week and it is a great sanity-promoter.

I’m sure if you throw something together people will join. Find someone with a full Zoom subscription to host.

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For the first couple months of Covid - I held weekly calls on Friday evening/night. Drinking and friends on a Google Hangout room. I’m certainly willing to host more.


@Contrarian Rob Virkus, hosts virtual Science Sunday on Zoom, every Sunday at 2:30 pm.