Migrating from Microsoft Outlook to Linux


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Evolution looks somewhat promising…has anyone had direct experience with it?


Looking for a windows 7 code

I haven’t tried again to hook Linux to Exchange 365 (or whatever M$ has decided to call whatever it is these days) since whomever maintained it dropped the Exchange connectifier plugin (whatever it was called) for Thunderbird. I wasn’t THAT thrilled with it, but since Outlook is insidiously bad, I was willing to live with the shortcomings just to avoid Outlook. Since then, I’ve been forced to comply, and learned to live with the headaches (literal AND figurative).
So I am interested, too.
Initial results: evolution can’t connect to exchange 365. Well… I have not yet gotten it connected to the Exchange 365 to which I need to connect for worky-stuff.
If you need this, install evolution-ews (exchange web services, I think that stands for) in addition to evolution.
But so far, no joy on my end.

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I don’t have to worry about MS Exchange considerations, thankfuly. Just accurately and faithfully converting existing Outlook .ost and .pst files into whatever format a Linux based PIM (like Evolution) would need to allow me to pickup wherever I left off, Windows-wise.



Dear lord is that depressingly true. Of the various strains on my aging work laptop at boot I mean “revive from hibernation” - cold boots are sufficiently painful that they’re to be avoided, loading Outlook is by far the most strenuous. And all I need it to do is email and calendar functions!



Me, well I just turn on imap and pop3 then add an entry into ~/.fetchmailrc and let procmail+fetchmail store that in my user folder as a mdir format so mutt w/(ical extensions installed) and vim can do the bulk of the work. If one needs to do searching then ripgrip, z, and for html/image based email; well those are easy enough to have mailcap display the good ones and procmail throw out the bad ones.

Point being;

  1. I’m using the same tool suite that I daily use (git, vim, bash, tmux/screen, dwm, cron, clamav, gpg, pass(1))
  2. I have permanent encrypted archival of email sent and received without someone else’s agenda behind it or never worrying about my inbox shutting down
  3. procmail can execute scripts based on contents of the message thus I can remotely automate systems via an out of bounds system and mailing lists
  4. This email system uses less than 25Mb of RAM, is highly portable, and when something new comes along this is still going to keep chugging along.
  5. Did I forget to say, git and vim?!




lol…your suggested solution doesn’t surprise me at all! :slight_smile:

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