MIG Welding Class Summer 2022

Is anyone planning to teach a MIG welding class in the near future?



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I saw there was a recent event where volunteers helped construct shelves for the shop. I would love to do something similar, or help out a fellow member with a project in exchange for some pointers.

Yes, I plan on teaching a mig class within the next month. Still trying to determine whether or not to make it a intermediate or beginners welding class


We have several hands on projects coming up:
Finish the clamp racks
Frame for wood shelves in lobby
Welding coupon rack
New welding table


So! Come to the Metal Shop Committee meeting tomorrow! Chat with real live (mostly) people!

No need to sign up, but here’s the event:

What would you consider beginner vs. intermediate? Would there be any prerequisites for the intermediate? Looking forward to taking that class!

Will there be another work day to complete these, or is it done at random times throughout the week?

I won’t be able to make the meeting tonight due to a family dinner, but I’ll try to plan on being at the next one.

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There were at least two of us who got the Ok for a Saturday night meeting last month, who have since learned that’s not allowed and there is hell to pay. We will likely go back to mid afternoon metal shop meeting times.

I would consider beginner learning the different positions. 1f, 2f, 3f, 4f. Intermediate would probably then move on to fit up and fabrication as well as discontinuities and defects in the weld. And advanced would work on code welding as well as things like proper penetration.

I don’t think I would make the previous classes mandatory, however, I do think that if someone signed up for an advanced class without at least taking the intermediate class or having an equivalent amount of experience or knowledge they would be absolutely lost.

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Sounds like I’m probably still on the beginner side! Either way, still excited to learn as much as I can.

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